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Temporary Building Enclosures

(Shrink Wrap)

Temporary Exterior Enclosure

PCP's Shrink Wrap service provides our customers an efficient option for protecting their projects from the elements in both the hot summer months and frigid winters. This method is proven to be stronger and  more reliable than traditional tarps while offering more versatility and customization to meet your needs.

Ryan Blevins - Project Manager - 734-934-1892

Jay Brown - Field Superintendent -  734-578-4916

  • Customizable Edge

  • Long-Lasting and Waterproof

  • Skilled Trade Installers
  • Lower Heat Cost by 30%

  • 12 mil
  • Flame Retardant Material

  • Wind Resistance up to 40 mph

Temporary Roof (Applied Horizontally)

Temporary Doors

Custom Edge

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