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VA Hospitals - Michigan

PCP has partnered with H&H Design Build, of Indianapolis IN, for 16 years performing renovations to the various VA hospitals throughout the State of Michigan. H&H Design Build specializes in VA projects throughout the USA.

The construction schedules for the VA projects are very aggressive as there are many of our Veteran’s waiting for OR Rooms, CT Rooms and MRI Rooms as some of the hospitals only have one of these rooms per building. There are specialized subcontractors for each phase of construction to ensure the projects are finished on time and to a very high standard of quality. It is not unusual for PCP to have several VA projects going at the same time which requires a team of estimators, project managers and field staff to man these projects properly to ensure the schedules are adhered to.

General Contractor

H&H Design Build


Siemens, Phillips, Toshiba


H&H Design Build

Design Architect

H&H Design Build


Michigan - Ann Arbor, Battle Creek, Detroit, Saginaw

Project Scope

  • Acoustical Ceilings

  • Doors, Frames & Hardware

  • Drywall

  • Finish Carpentry

  • Insulation

  • Metal Studs

  • Plywood Sheathing

  • Rough Blocking

  • Shaftwall

  • Specialty Ceilings

  • Lead Board

Our Projects

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