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United Shore Mortgage Company - Pontiac, MI

The Pontiac based United Shore Mortgage Company - the nation’s number two mortgage lender - purchased a 3 story 610,000 square-foot facility from Hewlett Packard for $40 million and undertook renovations of $45 million for two floors, a second renovation was on the 3rd floor. The fast-growing company now has purchased a 1 story 900,000 square-foot building at 750 South Blvd across the street from their headquarters. Renovations are in the second year of phased construction, including a $20 million pedestrian bridge to connect the two campuses.  It will be the longest pedestrian bridge in the country. It is scheduled to be completed in October of 2020.

United Shore’s Headquarters have amenities including a fitness center, basketball court, putting green, a cafeteria that serves breakfast and lunch, sand volleyball, a grocery convenience store and a Starbucks. The training facility at 750 South Blvd. has some unique furnishings using storage containers for offices and conference rooms.  Boardwalks connecting the containers will allow employees to walk and mingle.

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Daily Companies


United Shore


Pontiac, MI

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Project Scope

  • Acoustical Ceilings

  • Drywall

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