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Theodore Levin United States Courthouse - Detroit, MI

Levin Courthouse is a 10-story building built in 1932. PCP has been contracted to renovate areas on all 10 floors including the basement, sub-basement and penthouse.  During the entire renovation that took over three years the building kept all federal court cases and was open to the public.  Since this is the case, we had to be sensitive to all the workers and guests of the building as to not disturb any of the day to day activities.  While much of the work was renovation of existing office areas, they did add an entirely new stair and elevator in the center of the building.  This caused many issues with keeping weather out of the existing building before the stairs were enclosed.  PCP did restoration work to many of the decorative plaster ceilings from the 1930s that were in disrepair from years of water leaks.

General Contractor

Christman Construction


United States Government


Detroit, MI

Completion Date


Project Scope

  • Acoustical Ceilings

  • Drywall

  • Fireproofing

  • Specialty Ceilings

  • EIFS

  • Exterior Framing/Sheathing

  • Cement Plaster

  • Decorative Plaster

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