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The Detroit Opera House - Detroit, MI.

This first phase of the Detroit Opera House Renovation included a seven story

elevator tower addition. The project appears to be fairly simple in nature, however

it was not without a variety of challenges. With the confined footprint of each floor

there was very little leeway for movement of equipment and materials. Also, multiple

trades were forced to work nearly on top of each other with such limited space.

Finding clear areas to work was challenging for all trades as the schedule was

aggressive – they needed the tower complete for occupancy by the end of May

2022 as many shows were scheduled for performances and the rooftop bar was

required for pre and post show events. The schedule from start to finish was late

August of 2021 to May of 2022.

Another challenge was obtaining the 7th floor metal ceilings in time. Their

architecture team required an extended amount of time determining color and

perforation pattern for the ceiling, so once we received final approval the order was

submitted. The panels had to be shipped from Spain and transported by sea vessel.

A vessel which sat at sea waiting to be off loaded for nearly a month. We managed

to get them right on time!

These challenges made the project interesting to say the least. PCP was profitable

and you can see by the pictures that the outcome was as it should be.

General Contractor

Colasanti Construction Services


Detroit Opera House


Detroit Michigan

Completion Date


Project Scope

  • Acoustical Ceilings

  • Metal Ceilings

  • Gypsum Board Assemblies

  • Access Doors & Panels

  • Thermal Insulation

  • Roof Accessories

  • Plaster Repair / Replacement

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