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St. Mary Antiochian Orthodox Church Livonia

The PCP team was brought into the St. Mary’s project at 15% completion (2004).  PCP performed a complete damage assessment due to the project sitting incomplete for months, and delved into updating budgets and value engineering.

Features of the project included ornate stonework completed by international stone masons, a gleaming copper dome, stunning and soaring barreled ceilings.  With dedication and teamwork, the PCP team completed the project on time and on budget.

In 2014, PCP returned to performed the purchasing and management function for the installation, maintenance and removal of the scaffold tower, provided for the installation of the $750,000 Iconography project.   PCP utilized it’s resources to provide St. Mary’s with the best of the best when it comes to scaffold installation as well as project safety.  Parisioners were able to climb the scaffold, through a safe stair passage way, and receive a first hand look at the priceless Iconography.

General Contractor

Micco Construction


St. Mary Antiochian Orthodox Church


Angelos Demetriou & Associates


Livonia Michigan

Completion Date


Project Scope

  • Acoustical Ceilings

  • Cold Formed Framing

  • Densglass Sheathing

  • Doors, Frames & Hardware

  • Drywall Taping & Finishing

  • Fireproofing

  • GFRG

  • Insulation

  • Metal Studs

  • Plywood Sheathing

  • Rough Carpentry

  • Specialty Ceilings

  • Various Specialties

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