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Ford Book Depository - Detroit, MI.

PCP was originally awarded a $620,000 contract back in May of 2022 to complete

Tenant Fit-Out spaces in the basement and first floor. Since then, PCP’s leadership,

the ability to supply as much manpower as needed and great craftsmanship has

allowed PCP to take over this project from another interiors contractor allowing us

to secure an additional $4.5 Million in work including added Tenant Fit-Out spaces

along with the remainder of the Core and Shell.

The Ford Book Depository situated in Corktown was designed by the “Architect

of Detroit” himself, the late Albert Kahn. This historical three-story building will be

one of the first buildings to open in the appropriately named Mobility Innovation

District once it is completed. Positioned as an industrial center, it will feature maker

space, labs and mobility studios while applying technology to create flexible work


With the Ford Motor Company pushing a very demanding schedule for the 290,000

sq ft building, PCP put up to 40 crew members on site at the peak to install framing,

drywall, tape finish, fireproofing, and spray foam insulation and a perforated metal

panel ceiling around the exterior canopy. It took pristine coordination between the

Construction Management, Ford Motor Company and the various trade partners to

make this a very successful project and a staple for the Ford Motor Companies next

generation tenant experience.

General Contractor

Dixon-Barton Malow


Ford Motor Company


Detroit Michigan

Completion Date


Project Scope

  • Non-Structural Stud Framing / Gypsum

  • Shaftwalls

  • Metal Panel Ceilings

  • Fireproofing

  • Install Doors / Frames / Hardware

  • Spray Foam Insulation

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